Brief description:

RunWith is a simple and cool Mozilla Firefox extension that allows to launch a program from your local Windows computer.

How it works?

What this is for?

I have developed this extension for my own needs and I am now sharing this with whoever wants.
It is intended to those developers or semi-developers who write scripts to make their life easier.
By itself this extension does not do anything, but with the appropriate batch, vbs or other script of all kinds, it can do everything.

Example of use:


Here is a sample of scripts that can be used as an example.
Download RunWithCompanion, Unzip the content into the folder c:\RunWithCompanion.
In Tools/Add-ons/RunWith/Options select the file c:\RunWithCompanion\menu.bat.
You are ready to go, test here.


Free. As is. Not liable for any damage.
Sources: Preserve the headers.


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