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IIC-RTC Module 
Model: M100RT1

This IIC-RTC module features a 2×5-pin I2C input header. The pinout of the input pins makes it plug-in compatible with the SBC-SAM9G45 development board's J7 IIC header.

DS3231SN# real-time clock chip
Expand RTC function with the IIC bus
Supports backup battery
Size: 45 × 26 mm

Input Interface

I2C input, 2×5-pin 2.54mm (0.1") pitch IDC10 connector.

Pin Signal Name Pin Signal Name
3 SCL 4 NC
5 GND 6 32Khz
7 NRST 8 --
9 NC 10 VDD33(3.3V)

Output Interface

Real-Time Clock function with CR2032 backup battery. 

Order Info

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M100RT1 IIC-RTC Module $10USD

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