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Design services
Founded in 2007, CoreWind Inc. is a leading supplier of system on modules (SOMs), development kits, and single board computers that enable customers to control costs, reduce risk, and speed time to market. Our engineers are also enthusiastic about new projects and take pride in new designs that are on the cutting edge of the embedded marketplace. Custom designs are a large part of our business and, with our experience team of embedded engineers, we can provide our client a custom solution at a price that competes with an in-house design.

While our products are off-the-shelf controllers and peripherals, everything starts as an idea to solve a problem. If your control problems can't be directly solved by the products you see on our website, please contact us with your design needs. We are also quite amenable to modifying an existing board or designing and manufacturing a custom solution for you.

Hardware Development
Our core competencies in hardware development include:
  • Schematic entry
  • PCB layout
  • Realisation of a low production price
  • Function and system test
  • High-speed digital and analog design
  • Microprocessors: ARM, S3C6410, S3C2440, S3C2410, S5PC100

Software Development
Our core competencies in hardware development include:
  • Real-time, Multi-tasking software systemsú║
    • Install Embedded Linux, Windows CE, ubuntu, Android or Angstrom to different ARM targets
    • Run the application based on many real time operating systems.
  • Board support packages and device drivers like:
    • Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth/RFID/GPS/GPRS drivers
    • Seria/USB communication driver
    • LCD/VGA/HDMI/TV-OUT/DVI and Touch Screen drivers
    • SMC/MMC/SD card interface drivers and flash file systems
    • IDE hard disk interface drivers

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