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Developer Resources for FAQ

For Linux system

1. How to change the Linux MAC Address for Tiny6410/Mini6410 ?
Enter the Linux system command mode, and run the follow command:
     # ifconfig eth0 down
     # ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:11:AA:BB:CC:DD
     # ifconfig eth0 up
     # ifconfig
Notice:If you want to to get the new mac address auto fter booting the board, add the above code to the /etc/init.d/rcS file.
2. How to config the WCDMA in linux or Android for Tiny6410/Mini6410 ?
About the 3G, you should change the file refer to your country 3G
In Linux:  /etc/ppp/peers
In Android: /system/etc/ppp/peers
The file for WCDMA need to edit:


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