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Developer Resources for SOC/NET-SAM9X25
This page contains references to documentation, design files and support packages available from CoreWind for the SOC-SAM9X25, NET-SAM9X25 Inductrial PC. Operating system packages contain both developer and freeze versions

Board Introduce

Board Overview:  CM-SAM9X25  |  NET-SAM9X25  | SOC-SAM9X25
Board DimensionCM-SAM9X25  |  NET-SAM9X25  | SOC-SAM9X25
Board Schematic: CM-SAM9X25  |  NET-SAM9X25  | SOC-SAM9X25(released later)

Board History Version


V3.0 2012-12-1
Change the Debug levev from TTL to RS232 levev, add the RTC backup battle.

V2.0 2011-4-3
Released verison, Linux system support.

V1.0 - 2011-10-1
The Firstly verison, Support two Ethernet, USB, TF card, Debug serial and so on.

​V1.0 2012-7-1
The Firstly verison, Support two Ethernet, USB, TF card, Debug serial and so on.

Different Between NET-SAM9X25 and SOC-SAM9X25

Item Function NET-SAM9X25(CPU board + Base Board) SOC-SAM9X25(Single Board)
 1 description NET-SAM9X25 is the CPU board + Base board way, core board 200 pin 0.8mm pitch B-T-B connector leads to a common interface resources the user the flexibility to design the base board. The SOC-SAM9X25 is integrated SBC, leads to richer pins resources, rich in resources, small size of the board, a lot of users directly used as the control board, embedded into product
2 layers and dimensions CPU Board: 6 layer, 57*39mm
Base board: 2layer, 115*74mm
Layer: 6 layer
dimensions : 96*90mm
3 CPU Atmel AT91SAM9X25 Atmel AT91SAM9X25
4 RAM 128MByte DDR2 128MByte DDR2
5 Flash 256MB Nand Flash 256MB Nand Flash
7 LED 1 x Power LED 1x power supply indicator and 1 x programmable indicator
8 NET 2 x Ethernet, RJ45 connector 2 x Ethernet, RJ45 connector
9 USB Device 1 1
  USB Host 2, One for USB Host A interface, One for 2X5 header 2, All In the PC104 Connector
10 TF Card 1 1
11 Debug Serial 1 x DEBUG serial port, TTL Voltage 1 x DEBUG serial port, RS232 Voltage
12 Serial Port 5 x Uart, on the 2*10Pin header 5, On the PC104 Connector
13 SoftModem 1, on the 2*5Pin header 1, On the PC104 Connector
14 CAN bus 2, on the 2*5Pin Header 2, On the PC104 Connector
15 SPI 2 2
16 ADC 12 12
17 PWM 4 4
18 IIC 1 1
15 Power Input 12V DC 5V DC


Microprocessor CPU
AT91SAM9X25.pdf  AT91SAM9X25 CPU chips
RAM Chip
 MT47H64M16.pdf 128MB DDR2 RAM
Flash Chips
K9F2G08UOA.pdf  256MB Nand Flash
Misc chips
DM9161CEP.pdf  Ethenret PHY Chips
MAX3232.pdf  TTL toRS232 Chips
AMP 5-5179009-4.pdf Connector for CPU board
AMP 5179030-4.pdf Connector for Base board


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