ARM11 OK6410-B

Based on ARM11 S3C6410 Processor, it has been proved to working between -20℃ to 70℃, and passed EMC test, CE and FCC certified, rich interfaces, powerful performance, informative documents, which adapts core board and carrier board architecture, which give users flexibility and simplicity for both evaluation and fast prototyping. 

Snapshot of OK6410-B



 Product Introduction 

The design of all Forlinx products are originally from ODM projects, therefore they are much more reliable compared with other evaluations boards, OK6410 are the mainstream of ARM11, integrated the concept of "Based on high-end, make learning more meaningful and make product development faster", Forlinx gives your a stable system with rich interfaces and excellent performance, make your work handy all the time, so choose Forlinx and trust Forlinx, and we will just be your side whether you are a new to embedded world or you are experienced engineer, Forlinx are open to make friends with all of you.      

    Forlinx S3C6410 Quality Assurance

  1. Development board using "core board and carrier board" structure, therefore it is more adaptable than entire board product;
  2. Provide carrier board schematic and PCB to maximize tech support, enable users produce their own products with minor modification;
  3. Gold plated B2B connectors, say NO to oxidation even after years;
  4. All components on the core board are machine mounted, to avoid potential problems caused by manual welding;
  5. Provide four B2B connectors for free, to eliminate compability problems.

 Forlinx S3C6410 Performance Assurance

  1. Low-power, cost-effective S3C6410 processor, abundant resources, can be widely used in mobile devices, handheld terminals and general processing areas;
  2. 2.5G and 3G communication services to provide optimized hardware performance, built-in powerful hardware accelerators, including motion video processing, audio processing, 2D acceleration, display processing and scaling;
  3. Integrates a MFC (Multi-Format video Codec) supports MPEG4 / H.263 / H.264 codec and VC1 decoding, can provide real-time video conferencing as well as NTSC and PAL CVBS output;
  4. With advanced 3D accelerator, supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and D3DM API, to achieve 4M triangles/s 3D acceleration;
  5. Optimization of the external memory interface, which can meet the high-end data communications services in the bandwidth requirements;

Forlinx S3C6410 Usablity Assurance

  1. Provides a wealth of peripherals, in addition to the serial port, Ethernet port, USB, etc. equipped with common interfaces, including WIFI, GPS, GPRS, VGA / TV, camera, LCD screen, CAN bus, 3G modules and matrix keyboard, including more than ten kinds of functional expansion boards;
  2. Provided the original schematic, original package libraries, interfaces, BSP libraries, bottom PCB layout, BootLoader, Linux / WinCE / Android / Ucos-II operating system, and dozens of hardware device drivers with source code. User-friendly documents, which greatly improves the efficiency of project development; 
  3. Supporting documents are carefully prepared by the Forlinx engineer including learning tutorials and manuals, which are in a form of full graphical guide and video explainatins, to create a clear hierarchy and adapt to users from just graduated students to experienced engineers.
  4. Forlinx provides customers with comprehensive and efficient after-sale guarantee system, including professional technical services and quality assurance support.
 Application areas

For high-end consumer electronics, industrial control, car navigation, multimedia terminals, POS machine, PDA and other areas of the industry.