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Enclosure with HDD, WiFi - Black - CXM-CASE1BLK
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Enclosure with HDD, WiFi - Black - CXM-CASE1BLK

Enclosure with HDD, WiFi - Black - CXM-CASE1BLK
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Price: $69.00
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Manufacturer: PC Engines
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PC Engines ALix 2D2/2D3/2D13, APU1/APU2 and OpenVox IPC100/IPC110/IPC120 enclosure with 2 x 2.5" HDD mounting and 2 option LAN, 2 WiFi, black.



  • This enclosure designed by Calexium is for all your Network appliance assemblies based on PC Engines Alix 2D2, 2D32D13APU1, APU2 and OpenVox IPC100IPC110 and IPC120.
  • Mainboard Easy mounting(No need to unscrew the serial port screws)
  • With modular design, that enclosure can suit to all your needs for FreeNAS storage unit with two 2,5 inch HDD up to 2 HDD.
  • The black brushed anodized finishing allows an high quality laser marking.

But also as a router with 2, 3, 4, up to 5 network ports. To do this simply remove the cache network ports you want and add the miniPCI or miniPCI express single or dual NIC card. 

These ventilation holes prevents the overheating of Atom-based board. The ventilation holes on the top correspond to the location of the fan of IPC120.


5 Ethernet ports whose 2 x Gigabit ports for Alix board

This box is also provided for mounting the miniPCI 2 Giga ports card from Calexium CXM-mPCI2LAN for Alix 2D3/2D13/2D2 boards.

APU ready

The inside bottom case has a laser marking of APU1 and APU2 heat spreader placing. 



Front side holes

  • 3 leds
  • 1 switch

Back side holes

  • 3 LAN include 1 with frame for IPC120 or Alix 2D2
  • 2 optional LAN with frame for Calexium miniPCI 2 Giga ports (CXM-mPCI2LAN)
  • 2 WiFi
  • 1 USB
  • 1 DB9
  • DC jack


Include :

  • 4 screws to mount system board,
  • 16 screws for 2.5" HDD mounting,
  • 2 frames for mounting 2 x 2.5" HDD together
  • 2 supports for fixing HDD on enclosure 
  • 4 screws to close enclosure,
  • 4 self-adhesive feet,
  • 2 rubber plugs to close unused SMA holes.


Laser marking. Please contact Calexium staff for your projects.


Manufacturer : Calexium

Material :Aluminium

Color : black brushed anodized aluminium

Dimension : 245 mm width x 157 mm depth x 39 mm height

weight : 437 g

RoHS compliant.

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Enclosure with HDD, WiFi - Black - CXM-CASE1BLK
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Enclosure with HDD, WiFi - Black - CXM-CASE1BLK
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