Part numbers C2A1E : 2 antenna, 1 Ethernet outdoor enclosure (antenna holes on top, Ethernet hole at the bottom) 
Use with
(wall mount bracket) 
pignf (pigtail N female) 
pignf6 (enhanced pigtail N female) 
antnm (antenna N male) 
pignr (pigtail N reverse) 
antnr (antenna N reverse)
SpecIP-67 outdoor enclosure originally designed for WRAP.2* / ALIX.3* boards. Die-cast aluminum.
IncludesCase + cover + seal, board standoffs + screws, pole mount bracket + screws, IP-67 Ethernet jack assembly (2 for case2c4), IP-67 Ethernet plug assembly (to crimp to your cable, 2 for case2c4).
NoteHeavy item. 
ComplianceRoHS compliant.

outdoor enclosure

  • Brand: PC Engines
  • Product Code: C2A1E
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  • $69.00