• EM100Pro-G3 SPI NOR Flash Emulator


EM100Pro-G3 is an SPI NOR Flash emulator that seamlessly integrates with high-speed DRAM memory, ensuring optimal code updating performance. Developed in collaboration with leading SPI NOR Flash suppliers, this tool is designed to emulate the behavior of both current and next-generation SPI NOR Flash devices.

This emulator significantly improves productivity by swiftly downloading firmware code or data, even for high-density applications of up to 1Gbit. Additionally, it offers a valuable "SPI BUS Analyzer" feature that captures and logs all SPI commands and data on the SPI bus, facilitating the debugging process.



  • Emulate all the market SPI NOR Flash in one click
  • Excellent code Update and download performances
  • Designed to support future SPI NOR Flash evolution: 
    • Voltage: 1.8V/3.3V
    • Frequency: Up to 50MHz for Single IO, Dual IO, and Quad IO
    • Capacity: 512Kbit~4Gbit
  • Support Dual and Quad IO communication
  • Display and edit memory content evolution
  • Debug functions: 
    • SPI Protocol analyzer and SPI HyperTerminal
    • High-speed internal buffer for SPI Trace log data saving
    • Suitable with Intel motherboard 
    • EM100Pro-G3 can connect with the Intel motherboard by a specific adaptor (optional)

    Performance (Erase+Program+Verify)

     IC Density ProgrammerEM100Pro-G2EM100Pro-G3 



    The EM100Pro-G3 has two 2.54mm pitch male connectors of:

    • 2x2 for the Reset and Trig signals
    • 2x10 for the Emulation signals

    EM100Pro-G3 is designed with an ISP header, through different cables/adaptors, it can connect to the PCB board directly. Please refer to Table 1 for the EM100Pro-G3 2x10 header pin out.
    DediProg also provides the EM100Pro-G3 ISP Cable which is used to connect the EM100Pro-G3 programmer to the 2X5 2.54mm ISP Pin Header on board, please refer to Table 2 for the EM100Pro-G3 ISP Cable 2x5 pin out.


    Table 1: EM100Pro-G3 ISP Header Pin Out (2x10),(2x2) 





    Table 2: ISP Cable Connector Pin Out (2x5)




    Standard Package

    • EM100Pro-G3 x 1
    • USB 2.0 100cm Cable (A Male -C Male) x 1
    • Power Adapter (Including US and EU plugs) x 1
    • 2.54mm 2x10 to 2.54mm 2x5 cable x 1
    • 1.27mm 2x4 to 1.27mm 2x4 cable x 1
    • 1.27mm 2x4 to 1.27mm 2x4 cable 2.5cm x 1
    • 1.27mm 2x8 to 1.27mm 2x8 cable x 1
    • 2.54mm 2x10 to 1.27mm 2x4 SO8 connection adaptor x 1
    • 2.54mm 2x10 to 1.27mm 2x8 SO8 connection adaptor x 1
    • 12cm EM100Pro split cable with grabber clip x 1
    • 1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header  (10.3mm) x 4
    • 1.27mm 2x4 SMT male header (6.0mm) x 4
    • 1.27mm 2x4 SMT male header (10.3mm) x 4
    • 15cm single wire with 2.54mm Dupont head x 5
    • EM100Pro Reference Flash Adaptor (SO8W) x 1
    • EM100Pro Reference Flash Adaptor (SO16W) x 1
    • Grabber Clip x 2


    SPI Flash Emulation Interface

    SPI Bus Trace Interface

    SPI Hyper Terminal Interface


    EM100Pro-G3 SPI NOR Flash Emulator

    • Brand: Dediprog
    • Product Code: EM100Pro-G3
    • Availability:
    • $810.00