• NuProgPlus-U8 Universal Gang Programmer and Duplicator


NuProgPlus Series is the powerful universal programmer which is capable of supporting EEPROM, Flash, MCU, eMMC, UFS, PCI-E SSD, and CANbus devices programming. It can also support PCI-E, eMMC and UFS device duplicating. With the all newly designed FPGA kernel architecture, total sockets can be extended up to 16 SPI Flash programming or 16 eMMC/UFS IC duplicating in parallel. NuProgPlus-U8 is the manual operation model of NuProgPlus Series. With the project file(s), the user can use the LCD and keypad to operate the programming or duplicating without PC. Hand Press Fixture is an option accessory to help the user pick and place the IC easily.



  • All newly designed FPGA kernel architecture supplies ultra high speed programming performance 
    • Support both Copy Mode and Program Mode
  • Flexible to support various programmable IC/device in the market
    • Support various storage IC: UFS, eMMC, SPI NOR, SPI NAND, Parallel NOR, Parallel NAND, and EEPROM
    • Support MCU, CPLD, and FPGA
    • Capable to support PCI-E SSD and CAN bus device
    • Support various IC package: CSP, BGA, QFN, QFP, SOP, TSOP, SSOP, PLCC, DIP, etc.
    • Support various file format: Binary(bin/rom), Intel Hex (h16/h20/hex), Motorola S19 (mhx/mot/s19/srec) and the specific file format of MCU IC
  • Support up to 8 programming sockets (Only 4 sockets for PCI-E, but can expand to 16 sockets for SPI Flash/UFS/eMMC)
  • Duplicating for UFS/eMMC/PCI-E (Master IC/device is required as the data source)
    • Duplicate UFS data, LUN configuration, and Descriptors/Attributes/Flags. (Not support RPMB duplicating)
    • Duplicate eMMC boot area, GPP, user area, and ExtCSD.  (Not support RPMB duplicating)
    • Duplicate PCI-E SSD in different modes (Whole disk, selected partition with specific percentage)
  • Support NAND Flash Skip Bad Block management and partition file (CSV/DEF/MBN)
  • Support project file for production programming demand
    • Integrate high speed storage to store project file or project folder for more stable and faster transmission
    • Project download speed up to 100 MB/s
    • Press Start button to start programmng after loading the project file, so operator will not load the wrong image file or select the incorrect IC part number
  • Three kinds of start modes for productivity improvement
    • Manual Mode
    • Auto Detection Mode
    • Handler Mode
  • PC can link to multiple NuProgPlus-U8 and program IC at the same time
  • Stand-alone function allows user to program without a computer and only need to operate through LCD keypad

NuProgPlus-U8 Universal Gang Programmer and Duplicator

  • Brand: Dediprog
  • Product Code: NuProgPlus-U8
  • Availability:
  • $5,000.00