• SF600Plus-G2 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

SF600Plus-G2 Feature

SF600Plus-G2 is a high-speed Serial NOR/NAND Flash programmer with In-Circuit Programming (update the SPI Flash soldered on board) and Standalone programming (update the SPI Flash in the socket adaptor) Mode. With DediProg SF software and the USB, it offers friendly user interfaces and powerful features.

The newly designed SF600Plus-G2 is the upgraded version of SF600 and SF600Plus, which greatly increases the programming efficiency with the SOC architecture of FPGA. Other than the original functions of the SF600/S600Plus, it can also support SPI NAND, which will be convenient for the developer when programming.

SF600Plus-G2 Highlights

  • High-speed USB and high SPI performance; the USB and Standalone mode support any volume of the SPI Flash on the market.
  • Support 1.2V low voltage IC.
  • Start button feature: Able to Batch when connecting to the software.
  • Signal conflict protections.
  • Multi-Programmers Capability through USB.
  • Programmer Index displays on the programmer.
  • Support 2 CS pins.
  • Stand-Alone Mode: Support Start button programming and Control Port for removing control programming.
  • Support WIN8 and above.
  • Support both 32 and 64bit OS.
  • Support Single/Dual Multiple Dies.
  • Support Single/Dual/Quad/Octal. IO.
  • Able to upgrade to SF600Plus-G2U

SF600Plus-G2 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

  • Brand: Dediprog
  • Product Code: SF600Plus-G2
  • Availability:
  • $370.00