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About Us

 CoreWind Technology Co., Limited

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 Founded in 2007, CoreWind is a leading supplier of system on modules (SOMs), development kits, and single board computers that enable customers to control costs, reduce risk, and speed time to market.


Our engineers are also enthusiastic about new projects and take pride in new designs that are on the cutting edge of the embedded marketplace. Custom designs are a large part of our business and, with our experience team of embedded engineers, we can provide our client a custom solution at a price that competes with an in-house design.


CoreWind insists on a simple business belief : To create high-quality low-cost products.


Innovative Hardware and Software Engineering

CoreWind is committed to bringing our customers the products they need to get the job done. We understand that requirements are always changing as technology changes, which is why we are always working on new and better embedded solutions. We are constantly expanding our product line and we offer custom solutions for customers with unique requirements.


Quality Products

CoreWind builds rugged computers because we know how important reliability and longevity are to embedded applications. The internal electronics of our product require only simple manufacturing techniques and are designed with huge margins to tolerate extremes in temperature  and vibration. Our designs minimize the use of layers, vias, chips, solder points and exotic manufacturing technologies. You can count on our boards to provide the long-term reliability you need for your embedded application.


Fair Prices

Our products and services are priced fairly and competitively - we only charge you for what you really need, no unnecessary items like fancy cases, extra configuration services, or celebrity chefs for our staff. And our unique, configurable product designs mean you only pay for the board features you need, making Technologic Systems products a great value.


Superior Support

When you contact Technologic Systems for support, you talk with the engineers who designed our products. We can help you find sample source code and other documentation, troubleshoot hardware or software problems, or assist in product selection while you are in the planning stages of your embedded design. We provide supporting documentation for all our mature products, including manuals and schematics.


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