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Thank you for chosing or ineresting CoreWind's products.
CoreWind Technology provide excellent customer service to ensure all users experience our product smoothly. 
We shall give the effecient product technical support and after-sales service in many ways.
When you need assist to use our products or have inquiries, please contact us or try resolving it at hand, especial the frequancy question for new user by following entrance.
When you don't know what's wrong or what to do next, let us help you! CoreWind supports what is sells. Our engineering staff is here to help you with your application. Our technical support department assists you in getting your project rolling and helps you if it stops.

Find in CDROM - accompanied with product

Most of CoreWind's product will delivery with a special CDROM together
We collecte all the necessary material for both hardware and software devlopment into the CDROM.
These material include but not limited, such as product user's manual, schematic files (PDF format), component datasheet and CoreWind new release products.
Please go though these material when you are being a new user of CoreWind product, then you can resolve almost 80% problem when using product.
If lost the CDROM, please send us the buyer information to require a new one or download from somewhere.

FAQs  Support

Click here to enter the FAQs Support.
We also publish the value frequancy questions and answers to online webpage here: Online FAQs in irregular priod.
You can seach all the articles with keywords or part of your question sentence to find the answer here.

Forum Support

Click here to enter the Forum Support.
When you have some questions, you can search the Forum, maybe you can find the right method to solve the board problem, Or you can ask your questions in the Forum.
The Forum website: http://armdevs.com/forum/

Email Support

When starting to use our products or have techincal question about our products, please send us an email. Our technical engineer or relevant colleague will reply back u in 24hour in workday.
For Techincal Support: support@armdevs.com
For Sales & Marketing: market@armdevs.com

Phone Support

In our workday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm GMT+8.00, you can call our product line to request a technical support, sales or inquire CoreWind ODM/OEM service. 
Telephone: +86-755-29638421

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